The Baristas

Meet Our Baristas!


I am the proud owner and operator of Better Days Coffee for 6 years running.  I am very blessed to have gotten this far and couldn’t have done it without the great support of my family and amazing customers. I can proudly say I have a job that I love and while I am always making coffee of some sort you never quite know what the day will bring.  I graduated from PSU in 2006, married my best friend in 2009, have 2 snuggly Saint Bernards and the rest is history.  I would like to thank any new customers for stepping out and giving us a shot and for my long time customers that have been supporting me each and every day for the past 6 years. Thank you for bringing joy to my world and for letting me bring some to yours!


Hey! My name is Abby and I am Morgan’s sister, I’ve been working here since we opened and I love it! I am proud to be a firefighter’s girlfriend, and when I’m not making coffee I love baking, crafting, hiking, hanging out with friends, reading and traveling! I’m a bit of a girly girl but I also love sports and the outdoors. Favorite drink would have to be a soy white chocolate mocha! yum!


Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 5.43.18 AM

HI! I’m Kali Vise and I love being a barista at Better Days Coffee! I have been in the coffee industry for a total of  14 years and while I’ve worked for some big name companies, nothing has fit quite like BDC! I’ve been with BDC since the fall of 2011. When I’m not serving up your favorite caffeinated drinks, I enjoy spending time with my husband Ryan, our son Jax and soon we’ll add a little girl to our crew. We also have a black lab named Rainy who takes her role as big sister very seriously.  I love to be outdoors hiking, skiing, working out, rafting…anything that keeps me active. I’m also a Senior at Linfield College and will graduate this summer with my Bachelors in Sociology. My favorite drink is a new obsession for me…shaken caramel iced lattes!! I love them!!


Hi! My name is Katie. I have been a barista at Better Days Coffee since Fall of 2012. I have a bit of an obsession with coffee. I love to hear the sound of milk steaming and shots being pulled and then feeling that moment of bliss when taking that first delicious sip. My favorite drink to sip on at Better Days is a honey, cinnamon, hazelnut latte – yum!In addition to making your morning coffee beverage, I am attending Oregon Culinary Institute. I hope to someday own a restaurant that serves up some delicious gourmet comfort food while also serving the hungry, both locally and globally.I am a sucker for adventure. Before starting at Better Days, I spent 11 months traveling to 11 different countries doing various volunteer work. When I’m not doing something crazy or adventurous, I enjoy getting outside to hike, kayak, backpack, run, wander around with my camera, xcountry ski, raft, climb, etc. I also enjoy Crossfit, watching UFC, painting my toenails while watching some girly movie, or trying out a new idea in the kitchen.


Hannah is our newest member of the team! Her bio is coming soon!!


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